Why Use Video?

YouTube Best Practices
Recent Stats:
-People will retain 68% of information through video vs. 
-11% of text-People spend less than 7 seconds on a website with more than 1000 words
-60% of those same people will watch video before they read any text
-75% of fortune 500 CEOs will watch video at work (Because it Educates Quickly, Convinces them of an Opportunity and Converts business to potential buyers)

YouTube Best Practices:
Best practicesCreating videos that people want to share is one of the most effective ways to grow an audience on YouTube. It’s powerful because people are learning about you from the people they trust the most -- their friends, family and followers. If you’re attempting to make videos that viewers will want to share, here are a few ways to do so.

Be Relatable:
When viewers see videos that they relate to, they’re often excited to pass along the concept to their friends, family and followers. They like to communicate, “Hey, this video shows the way I feel.” If you can create a video or series that evokes this feeling, you might trigger shares among viewers. These two videos were highly shared, most likely because people related to the subject matter:
I Forgot My Phone
First Kiss
Video Branding
Be Topical:
We frequently see topics arise in news or pop culture that generate considerable debate online. Some creators make videos about such topics, uploading them in a timely fashion and sharing them while the topic is still hot. This is a great way to get a lot of shares. It works because your video lands right in the middle of the conversation, and viewers share it to help make their point, or disagree with it. What current events could you make a video about right now?Here are two examples of videos that tapped into topical   subjects:
Annoying Orange
Ice Bucket Challenge
What Kind of Asian Are You?

Be Valuable:
If you create a video or series that’s extremely helpful to people, or that solves a problem a lot of people experience, you may find it gets a lot of shares. We call this tutorial or “how-to” content. What are some of the toughest and most common problems your audience is trying to solve?

Move Emotions:
People share videos because they move them emotionally. Whether it inspires laughter, fascination or even tears, a video that evokes an emotional response may compel viewers to share the link. As you consider shareable ideas, ask yourself if they will solicit an emotional response from those watching.