Choosing Killer Keywords

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How to Choose Meta Data for Your Website

1. When choosing keywords for your website, create an overall set for your home page and as a default for your entire website. 

2. Next, create a set for each page on your website, specifically targeting the content on that page. 

Note: Meta keywords are no longer considered by the major search engines for determining the rank of your web pages. However, it is vitally important to utilize those keywords throughout your site in your page content and meta title and description described below.

Tips for Choosing Good Keywords:

-Choose keywords and/or phrases based on how your customer would think/search for your products/services 

-Don't use your marketing buzzwords or acronyms unless they are well-known by your target audience. (ie: content management system or editable website)

-Think of synonyms of your major keywords (ie: Multi Listing, MLS,  Real Estate Listings, i.e: Listing Real Estate, etc.) 

-Think of geo-specific words that pertain to the area your business serves ie: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona, AZ

**It is also beneficial to use online keyword research tools and a professional to help you see how competitive the keywords on your list are, as well as, gain insight into other keywords you hadn't considered. Once you have your list of keywords, you can now begin to create titles and descriptions for each page of your website.

Meta Title:

· Title should be short and descriptive, containing a 3-4 word phrase that doesn't exceed 49 characters, about that page, followed by geographical information.

· Incorporate your top keywords in the Title - using the ones that best describe what that page is about.  


#vidit|#DoYouVidit|Video Branding|Google Search Results

Meta Description:

Description will display 155 characters, so make this count and include your local contact phone number, the same number you will use for the you Google + account or that you registered you business under. Incorporate as many of your keywords as possible in the Description that are relevant to the content of that page. 

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